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WGH’s objective is to maximize the value of a home or business, as well as its contents, and to expedite the selling process. With a unique history and broad areas of expertise in residential and commercial projects, WGH takes every measure to meet your estate management needs.

WGH Family Estate & Liquidation Services

WGH Family Estate & Liquidation Services offers comprehensive estate management solutions, specializing in liquidation services to assist families with the challenging process of downsizing or managing estate assets.

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About WGH & its Client Services

Bonded, Insured and Experienced

William Giles Harding started the business to provide professional efficiency and economy to the processes involved in estate management. He not only offers over twenty years of valuable hands-on experience in various fields, but he also has indepth knowledge of the region and the resources available.

At the request and the approval of the executor, trustee or family, any number of services can be provided by WGH in the following areas:

WGH’s first priority is to ensure the security and safety of the home, its contents and surrounding properties. WGH first meets with the attorney, trust officer or family member to discuss their goals concerning the property and its contents for the near future.

The next step is to visit the site and evaluate the furnace (condition and age); the lock and alarm condition and the outside property (roofs, gutters, storm windows, etc.,). Digital pictures are taken of the house contents and any other items that the family requests to be inventoried. Needs assessments are made.

When necessary, WGH has resources (contractors, plumbers, etc.,) that work at reasonable, competitive rates to complete any necessary repairs. Routine tasks such as lawn care, snow removal, and painting are taken care of. Other needs may include the removal of buried oil tanks and replacement of new tanks above ground. Asbestos removal and abatement may be provided, if required.

WGH can inventory the contents of the home and make recommendations to obtain appraisals on various items or collections of antiques, coins, jewelry, and fine art, contracting with local, reputable appraisal professionals. WGH will also ensure that any contents that can be reused are donated to Women’s Shelters, YMCAs or any other local non-profit organization. This can be done anonymously, or if requested, in the name of the family. exercitation.

WGH takes special care to ensure that the appropriate qualified professionals are contracted to complete a final home inspection. This will then allow the executor and family to ensure they are able to hire the most suitable real estate firm to sell the property.

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Client Testimonials

Discover firsthand accounts of satisfaction and success through our clients' testimonials, highlighting their experiences and the exceptional service they received.

I would recommend Bill Harding and WGH Family Estate and Liquidation Services without reservation

“I retained Bill Harding during April-November 2009 and again in January-February 2010. During the first time period, he liquidated the contents of my parents’ home in Simsbury and prepared the house for sale. My father had passed away in 2007, and my mother had moved to assisted living. After she passed in January 2010, Bill cleared the contents of her assisted living unit and sold her automobile.

Bill Harding was recommended to me by my parents’ estate planning attorney. As I am located in Atlanta and could only infrequently attend to matters in Connecticut, it was important to me that I have someone I could trust with estate liquidation and related matters. Bill Harding fit this requirement perfectly.

“Bill handled his tasks with professionalism and sensitivity. He is very knowledgeable on the ins and outs of estate liquidation and understands that the client is the ultimate decision maker. He was especially helpful in preparing the family residence for market. This required extensive contact with contractors (painters, electricians and mold and asbestos mitigators). He always did his homework and made thoughtful recommendations.

I would recommend Bill Harding and WGH Family Estate and Liquidation Services without reservation”

I highly recommend Bill Harding's services to anyone

“When I first spoke with Bill Harding in the late winter of 2010, I was looking for someone to help clear out my father’s house in West Hartford so I could put it up for sale. My lawyers said they had previously used Bill’s estate services with good results.

I was looking at a house full of stuff and had no idea where to start. Fortunately, Bill knew what we could sell (and where), what we could donate, and what had to be thrown out, and he immediately set about doing it. He also, at my request, suggested a real estate agent who we subsequently hired. Bill also knew what needed to be done to bring the house up to code to be sold in West Hartford, so I told him to go ahead, and he hired and supervised the workmen to accomplish the needed work.

When our real estate agent suggested some updates to the house to make it more saleable, again I turned to Bill and he hired the workers and supervised the work to get those jobs done as well.

With Bill’s help, the house was cleared out, repaired, updated and sold within three months of our first conversation. It would have taken much longer, and probably cost more if I had tried to do this all myself. I highly recommend Bill Harding’s services to anyone in a similar situation.”

The services Bill Harding provides are invaluable

“Having to dispose of a loved one’s personal property is a very daunting and emotional task. I had no idea how I was going to get through it, and had no idea where to start. I am very fortunate our home heating oil representative referred your company to me.

You made an uncomfortable undertaking run smoothly, efficiently and without delay. I can’t thank you enough for kind support, and total understanding of the range of emotions people go through during these times.

Your patience and consideration was sincerely appreciated. Your dedication, and knowledge regarding your profession; your caring towards your clients needs; your honesty and integrity, are beyond reproach.

I would highly recommend Bill Harding and his estate liquidation services. No matter if someone is living in another state, down the road, or simply lacking the knowledge for the best approach to dispose of family possessions, the services Bill Harding provides are invaluable. I am more than happy to give anyone a verbal reference.”

I will always enlist the help of WGH Estate Services.

“I recently served as co-executor of a dear friend’s large estate with multiple historic buildings. Expertise and oversight was required on every possible issue. My co-executor and I were fortunate to engage the services of Bill Harding of WGH Estate and Liquidation Services.

Historic preservation, renovation, and artifacts were an important part of this estate, being in an historic district. Two of the buildings are on the National Historic Register. Bill was always sensitive to these important aspects of the estate. Thus, he oversaw and completed the following extensive list, with historic considerations in mind:

Several building cleanouts, masonry repairs, building repairs, chimney repairs, roof replacements, and painting; heating system, tenant and tresspasser issues; gas, electrical line, gas tank, and oil tank relocations: inspections, appraisals, surveys, fallen trees during storms; air quality testing, security systems installation and oversight.
Sometimes we needed information or research from the town or utilities, and Bill took care of it, as well as procurement and oversight of contractors.

Bill dispersed specified building contents to family members in a sensitive manner. The remaining contents were organized by value, appraised, and sold at optimum value to appropriate antique and collectibles dealers, or given to charities when applicable.
I am glad to say that Bill, and everyone he engaged to work for the estate, was professional, and worked in a timely manner. His staff was thoughtful, pleasant, and trustworthy, without exception. His charges were rational, and accurate. Bill continued to be available, as the property was being sold.

I have been the executor of many estates, but this was my first time using the services of Bill’s organization. I will always enlist the help of WGH Estate Services.

Thank you always, Bill!”

Convinced return was greater than I would have realized on my own

“Thank you so much for your help disposing of the contents of my aunt’s house. The process was professional and executed in a timely manor. I’m convinced the return was greater than I would have realized on my own, and your fee was fair and justifiable. It was a pleasure working with you.”.”

I could not have succeeded without him

“When I suddenly became the executor of a friend’s estate last year, my attorney immediately recommended William Harding as my estate manager. This was a godsend because Bill efficiently navigated me through all of the exigencies of executorship. Not only were his sound advice, experience and wisdom invaluable, but he was also connected to local, honest experts and tradespeople in all fields: stamps, coins, auto sales, security, real estate and every form of home repair, improvement and property management. I could not have succeeded without him.”

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